Saturday, July 12, 2008

iPhone 3G (Remote App Crash)

So I got my iPhone 3G today. I stood in line 2 hours before the AT&T store opened and then got my ne 16Gb black an hour later. There were only 25 people in front of me, which is way betetr than the 500+ I saw at fashion island yesterday.

Anyway, it's a pretty awesome phone and I'll probably review a few features and apps, but I just wanted to document a problem I had that I couldn't find written up.

I had been using the Apple Remote App to play music on my computer and start tv shows. And then one time when I opened Remote my iPhone went to a black screen and then showed a white apple logo. The slide to unlock globe eventually came up, but it scared me for a bit. It turns out my iPhone had crashed and rebooted.

So I thought everything was fine until I noticed on the top left it said No SIM and wouldn't let me connect to the computer when I plugged it in. I was really hoping it hadn't somehow wiped my SIM card, which would suck. Thankfully I was able to get it back to normal by just rebooting the iPhone:
  • Hold down the home and power buttons and slide to shut off
  • then push the power button to turn on.

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